Bát hương cháy có điềm gì là điều mà nhiều gia chủ đang quan tâm

What does a burning incense bowl mean? Reasons why incense sticks burn according to science?

The fact that the incense bowl suddenly caught fire often makes many homeowners feel worried and confused. So what does the burning incense bowl mean? In this article, let’s find out and answer this question immediately.

The cause of incense bowls burning according to science

Burning incense is one of the traditional customs of Vietnamese people. This is what children and grandchildren remember their ancestors and those who have passed away. However, during the process of burning incense, some homeowners may encounter a situation where the incense bowl catches fire. Let’s find out the causes of this problem, shall we?

  • The incense bowl is placed in the direction of the wind

One of the first reasons why an incense bowl catches fire is that it is placed in the direction of the wind. Although normally the fire on an incense tree is extremely small, when there is the impact of wind it can burn. Incense is made from bamboo so it will easily catch fire and the fire carried by the wind will burn the incense base.

Bát hương cháy có điềm gì
Incense sticks can catch fire when placed in the direction of the wind

Therefore, when burning incense on windy days and high temperature weather, you should pay more attention. Nowadays, there are many families who want a sacred worship space at night, so they have a separate worship room. This will minimize the phenomenon of burning the incense bowl because it limits the draft from entering the room

  • The incense bowl has not been cleaned for a long time

Normally, Vietnamese people always have the habit of clearing incense sticks at the end of the year. However, for families who burn incense every day, it will lead to more and more incense sticks. Over time, the base of the incense stick can dry out and easily catch fire.

Falling freckles can be the reason why the base of the incense stick is burned. At first it may just be a smoldering phenomenon but over time the fire will flare up. This is the reason why you need to clean the incense bowl regularly.

  • Light incense several times a day

When you burn incense many times a day, of course there will be more and more incense sticks. The more incense sticks in an incense bowl, the easier it is to burn.

There are many people who believe that the more incense burning, the more respect one shows. However, this is one of the completely wrong concepts where the important thing lies in sincerity.

What does a burning incense bowl mean?

Nowadays, there are many people who have spiritual beliefs. That’s why the burning of incense sticks is also one of the extremely important omens that is learned. There are many cases where even though the incense bowl meets the standards in terms of size and has extremely few incense sticks, it still catches fire. So the homeowner considered it an omen.

Điềm báo khi bát hương bị cháy
What does a burning incense bowl signify? This is something that many homeowners are interested in
  • What does a burning incense bowl mean when the top burns and creates a big fire?

If your incense bowl burns at the top and creates large flames, the ancients considered it a Yang phenomenon. In this case, you can completely feel secure and comfortable because this is an extremely good omen.

Your family will have a lot of luck and fortune in the near future. However, you also need to pay attention to the incense sticks burning to fix this situation promptly.

  • What does a burning incense bowl mean when it burns from the bottom up but does not create fire?

Although usually the incense base only begins to smolder at the bottom and does not create fire, it can completely create large fires. With this phenomenon, experts believe that it is a bad omen. It shows bad signals in the future.

The incense bowl can smolder at the bottom and not create a fire

One of the first issues you need to worry about is graves. Maybe the grave has been touched.

Next you need to pay attention to economic issues. When this phenomenon occurs, consciously remind your family members to be careful to avoid unfortunate events

What to do when the incense bowl catches fire?

Burning incense bowls is not a common occurrence and is extremely unlikely to happen. However, in some cases, for some reason, this problem may still appear.

Cần bình tĩnh để khắc phục vấn đề về việc bát hương bốc cháy
You need to stay calm to overcome the problem of burning incense bowls

When this phenomenon occurs, you should not panic but need to stay calm. Find a solution to make yourself and your family members feel more secure.

First you need to clean the altar and incense bowl thoroughly. Next, prune and remove the burned incense sticks to avoid this phenomenon from happening again. At the same time, you can take some incense ashes and spread them evenly in front of your house.

After completing the above step, you can buy items to burn incense. Offerings are usually made of fruit or preparing a full tray of rice. At the same time, you can throw away the old incense bowl and pick up a new incense bowl.

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