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There are many different models of dishes on the market. The most prominent and best-selling is the leaf-shaped disc set. This is a product set that brings consumers satisfaction in terms of quality and price. With superior quality compared to conventional products, Bat Trang Ceramics provides the latest product designs to fully meet the needs of the market.

High-quality ceramic leaf-shaped plate set
All product models are produced based on the idea of ​​trees and leaves in nature, both unique and familiar. Helps women in the kitchen arrange dishes easily, quickly and beautifully.

Most salty and boiled dishes are presented on food plates. Therefore, a quality, beautiful plate product will help make the dish more eye-catching and attractive. With the available advantages, the dinner plate set is the choice of most consumers to serve daily life and is also an extremely impressive gift. You can refer to different dinner plate models to choose the most suitable pattern and style below.

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