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“A CLEAN HOUSE IS COOL – CLEAN BOWL TASTES RICE” – In Vietnamese life, family meals are not only a place to gather and unite members. Sharing joys and sorrows together… is also the foundation for forming family style and the traditional cultural beauty of the nation. Simple dishes in everyday life, when presented on beautiful, cheap and luxurious rice bowls, will bring a warm, sweet meal full of difference.

Beautiful cheap rice bowls, standard Trang bowls

Unlike cheap products, mostly of Chinese origin on the market, the cheap, beautiful rice bowl set is fired at >1,300 degrees Celsius. Completely releases lead residue, safe for health. for user.

At the same time, Bat Trang’s beautiful dinnerware sets are made from high-quality materials, durable and lightweight ceramic bones. The glossy, matte, clear white enamel surface minimizes scratches, is easy to clean, saves time and effort for the user. Customers can buy individually or choose the whole set to suit their needs for use or as a gift…

Nowadays it is not too difficult for you to buy a rice bowl. They will be sold quite a lot on the market with a variety of brands. However, rice bowls are always the bowl of choice. Let’s learn about rice bowls and the characteristics of this type of bowl.

Beautiful cheap rice bowl set from Bat Trang

Surely those who love ceramics will no longer be too unfamiliar with Bat Trang ceramic products. This is a quite popular ceramic brand in Vietnam. They specialize in producing high-end to affordable rice bowls. The designs of these products are also very diverse and have been confirmed over many years.

Sản phẩm bát ăn cơm chất lượng với thương hiệu Bát Tràng
Quality rice bowl products with the Bat Trang brand

Beautiful, cheap rice bowls are extremely safe for users. In addition, adding color makes the dish more delicious in terms of taste and sight. This is truly a smart choice for your family. In addition, it is also considered a gift and gift for relatives on special occasions. It can be said that rice bowls are a popular product in families. They are popular thanks to their luxurious and sophisticated beauty. Currently, this line of bowls has two types: plain bowls and patterned bowls.

Characteristics of Bat Trang ceramic cups and bowls

The main material to produce rice bowls is clay. It has gone through a refining process and completely removed impurities. White enamel rice bowls are usually covered with a layer of smooth enamel covering the color and texture. They are fired at temperatures above 1200 degrees Celsius so they are extremely scratch resistant. It can withstand light impacts and is extremely unlikely to break or chip during use. Furthermore, it can also be put in the microwave.

Các họa tiết phổ biến trên bát ăn cơm Bát Tràng
Popular motifs on Bat Trang rice bowls

This product is often hand-painted with simple, familiar patterns. These patterns are often carefully calcined in a furnace with a fairly high temperature of over 1200 degrees Celsius, so it ensures complete removal of metallic elements such as lead and mercury. So it will be safe for your health. The price of ceramics is extremely affordable and suitable for Vietnamese families. In particular, beautiful, cheap rice bowls can have a more professional logo printed on them.

Notes when buying beautiful rice bowls in Bat Trang

  • How to test products

Check the enamel layer by observing the brightness, dullness, lightness of the drawing along with black spots. Use a small stick to gently tap on the edge of the bowl. If the sound is crispy and clear, it's a good product. On the contrary, if the sound is dull or mixed, it means there is a crack that you don't know about. Invert the rice bowl on a flat surface or turn them upside down to evaluate the roundness. If the object is made round and balanced, when placed face down, the curved part will not be visible.

Kiểm tra lớp men trên bát ăn
Check the enamel layer on the bowl
  • Buy beautiful, cheap, genuine rice bowls from Bat Trang

As mentioned, there are many ceramic rice bowls available today. However, you should choose a rice bowl made of genuine Bat Trang porcelain. This will ensure your rights when using it. High-quality Bat Trang rice bowl products are produced based on manual processes. From initial raw materials to finished products, everything will be guaranteed to meet quality standards.

  • Choose a unit to buy high-quality Bat Trang rice bowls

To buy beautiful, cheap and quality rice bowls, choose a professional supplier of Bat Trang ceramic bowl products.

Bát ăn cơm Bát Tràng đẹp cho các gia đình
Beautiful Bat Trang rice bowls for families

Instructions on how to use beautiful, cheap, high-quality rice bowls

  • With Bat Trang rice bowl products, after buying, you need to wash them thoroughly.
  • Do not use hard or abrasive objects to clean.
  • Only use a soft cloth or sponge and specialized dishwashing liquid or soap to clean.
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