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The beautiful Bat Trang dinnerware set is one of the outstanding products of the craft village. This is also a best-selling product on the market and is loved by many people. Bat Trang ceramic dishes and dishes possess the essence of the ancient craft village. Therefore, they are highly appreciated for their quality.

20 Beautiful, Cheap, Luxurious, High-Quality Dinnerware Sets – Bat Trang Porcelain

A set of Bat Trang dishes is divided into many types. Depending on the consumer’s needs, you can choose. However, in general, the main characteristics of the products are their durable, beautiful and high-class quality due to the use of gas burning technology. The patterns and textures on the bowls are very soft and elegant. A set of common bowls includes: rice bowl, soup bowl, dipping sauce bowl, plate,… with reasonable, competitive prices and widely distributed in the market, making it easy for consumers to order. product…

Bat Trang ceramics in general and Bat Trang bowls in particular are always simple and elegant. But they have never gone out of fashion. Therefore, the product is not picky about users. Thanks to that, the beautiful Bat Trang dinnerware set always attracts many people’s attention.

Currently, when it comes to bowl products, Bat Trang always holds the number 1 position in the hearts of consumers. Bat Trang ceramics are always the top choice of Vietnamese people. Products from this craft village always make consumers feel satisfied. Bat Trang rice bowls possess unique features that not every pottery village has. Let’s learn more about Bat Trang dishes through the article below.

Learn about Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang is a famous pottery village in Hanoi. This is a traditional craft village specializing in producing unique products. The teapots, water hyacinth vases, incense burners, or Bat Trang ceramic dishes are all very sophisticated. Bat Trang pottery village is nearly 700 years old. Therefore, the experience in ceramic production here is difficult to match in any craft village. Bat Trang owns an increasingly improved production process. However, the handmade motifs have always been preserved over the decades. Bat Trang still maintains its traditional beauty. The name of the craft village is increasingly famous. Not only domestic but international friends especially love Bat Trang ceramic products.

The success of Bat Trang is entirely thanks to the heart of the artisans here. Bat Trang ceramics use gas burning technology. The patterns on the product are completely hand-drawn by artists. Therefore, each Bat Trang ceramic product is very soulful and impressive.

Therefore, over the past hundreds of years, Bat Trang ceramics have increasingly asserted their name in the market. It became a famous craft village name with strong competitiveness. Bat Trang ceramic village is the source of cultural beauty. This is truly the pride of the Vietnamese people.

How popular is the high-end Bat Trang dinnerware set?

With outstanding characteristics, Bat Trang products are increasingly popular in the market. A series of products such as beautiful dish sets, tea sets, flower vases, incense burners, etc. are all selling very well on the market. The number of Bat Trang products sold every day has proven to be popular with consumers. Not only distributed domestically, beautiful cheap dinnerware sets are also exported to foreign countries. It can be said that the name of the pottery village is attracting more and more attention.

Bộ bát đĩa cao cấp đẹp - Sứ Bát Tràng
Bat Trang high-end dish set products have many advantages such as: dust-free, easy to clean, safe and convenient to use in microwaves and dishwashers. The product set is suitable for all kitchen spaces and dining tables with interior designs from traditional to modern.

Bat Trang ceramic dishes and dishes offer a variety of products in terms of designs, uses, and sizes. Consumers can find products that meet their various needs. Moreover, Bat Trang ceramics also understands the market very well, always providing products with strong competitiveness.

  • Features that not all bowl lines have

The outstanding features of Bat Trang rice bowls bring a set of quality products. Not only providing bowl sets for the family. Bat Trang Ceramics also offers other diverse dishware products. Typical examples include: Bat Trang pho bowls, thick and deep, with elegant designs; Bat Trang dining table set with all the necessary utensils for a complete meal; Bat Trang ceramic tableware has a variety of designs for readers to refer to.

  • Luxurious Bat Trang dinnerware set

Previously, Bat Trang's products were mainly for domestic supply and distribution. However, in recent years, Bat Trang has promoted the promotion and export of goods abroad. Bat Trang's products are highly appreciated by international friends. That's why a large number of beautiful cheap dinnerware sets are exported every day. This is not just a form of business. This is also a way to promote the name of Bat Trang ceramics to friends around the world.

Bát ăn cơm vẽ hoa đào xanh cao cấp - Sứ Bát Tràng
The rice bowl is painted with high-quality green peach blossoms, designed in the shape of a hand-capped imitation, has a round and balanced hemispherical shape, and has a thick, heat-insulating base.

Beautiful Bat Trang dinnerware sets and exported Bat Trang porcelain are all highly appreciated for their quality. Not only that, the sophisticated patterns of skillful artisans create a special impression on the product. Foreigners especially love the soulful drawings in Bat Trang ceramic products. It is also easier for overseas customers who want to buy exported ceramics. Because product distribution channels are increasingly expanding. Bat Trang is gradually asserting itself as more than just a traditional craft village. It is having new innovations to take its name even further. Through this, it can be said that Bat Trang is not only successful domestically. It also created a great reputation in the international arena.

  • How much does Bat Trang dishes cost?

"Being so famous, Bat Trang's price must be very high" is the thought of most customers before learning about the product. However, in reality, the prices of Bat Trang ceramic dishes and dishes are very competitive and reasonable. Depending on the tableware you choose, its price varies accordingly. You can choose a set of bowls for 4 people, 6 people or more, its price only ranges from a few hundred thousand dong.

Beautiful cheap dinnerware set is a product for every family. It offers products according to market segments. Therefore, with every income level, you can find a corresponding product model. Therefore, it can be said that Bat Trang dishes are cheap, high quality, and have diverse designs suitable for every home.
  • Product sales level depends on user needs

The price of Bat Trang porcelain bowls also has many prices for your reference. The product has thick walls, retains heat well, and is easy to clean, priced from only a few tens of thousands of dong per product. The Bat Trang dining bowl set is both convenient to serve family activities and makes a very meaningful gift. Therefore, many people especially trust and choose Bat Trang porcelain dishes. So, how to choose genuine products manufactured by Bat Trang? Where should I buy Bat Trang dishes?

Mẫu bộ bát đĩa cao cấp 11 món đẹp
Beautiful 11-piece high-end dish set, combo suitable for families with 2-3 members. Convenient to use while still ensuring daily needs.
Mẫu bộ bát đĩa cao cấp 16 món đẹp
Beautiful 16-piece high-end dinnerware set, combo suitable for families with 4-5 members. Can be used enough when the house has guests or friends coming to visit.
Mẫu bộ bát đĩa cao cấp 21 món đẹp
Beautiful 21-piece high-end dish set model, combo suitable for families with 6-8 members. Can be used when there is a family party at home, you can also buy some extra dishes in case the house has more guests.

Beautiful dinnerware combos from Bat Trang Porcelain

Bat Trang dinnerware set combo will bring a complete dining table with all the essential items needed such as: soup bowl, rice bowl, food plate and dipping bowl containing spices... Each item has its own price. High aesthetic value with beautiful camellia flower motifs printed on decal, standing out on high-quality white porcelain background.

  • Beautiful 11-piece dinnerware set combo

Combo sản phẩm 11 món phù hợp cho gia đình có từ 2-3 người
11-item product combo suitable for families of 2-3 people
  • Beautiful 16-piece dinnerware set combo

Combo sản phẩm 16 món phù hợp cho gia đình có từ 4-5 người
Product combo of 16 items suitable for families of 4-5 people
  • Beautiful dinnerware set combo of 21 pieces

Combo sản phẩm 16 món phù hợp cho gia đình có từ 6-7 người
Product combo of 16 items suitable for families of 6-7 people

Where to buy beautiful Bat Trang dinnerware sets?

There are many places on the market that produce ceramic products. However, consumers' number one priority is the products of Bat Trang ceramic craft village. Readers interested in products from this famous craft village can order them in many ways. The best way is to go directly to the craft village and see product samples. Thus, it is both intuitive and convenient to refer to a variety of different product sources.

Chứng thư giám định vệ sinh an toàn sản phẩm của thương hiệu Sứ Bát Tràng
Product hygiene and safety inspection certificate of Bat Trang Porcelain brand. Bat Trang Porcelain's products, including blue glaze, cream glaze, and snow glaze, all meet the requirements of QCVN 12-4:2015/BYT on hygiene and safety for ceramic and further enameled tools. Rinse directly with food: Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) are not detected.
  • Things to note when choosing to buy a beautiful set of dishes

Besides, you can also buy exported Bat Trang dishes or beautiful high-end Bat Trang dinnerware sets... on the website. These information pages are always fully updated with all product-related information. Prices are also attached accordingly for readers to conveniently refer to and compare. Choosing to buy high-quality Bat Trang dishes has never been easier. Readers who want to choose to buy products should learn about Bat Trang and Bat Trang ceramic products in Hanoi. Only then can we make the wisest choice.

Above is some interesting information about Bat Trang ceramic products. Hopefully with this article, readers will have more perspectives on the product. From there, you can decide to buy the most suitable product.

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