Giới Thiệu Xưởng Gốm Của Tại Bát Tràng

Introducing Pottery Workshop in Bat Trang

First of all, would like to send greetings and wishes of health to all customers near and far who have accompanied us during the past time! Our traditional Bat Trang ceramics workshop was established 20 years ago. After many years of research and development of the Bat Trang ceramic line, we have successfully produced many ceramic items from construction ceramics, household ceramics, to spiritual ceramics, and home decoration ceramics. …vvv….. Each product produced by the family’s traditional ceramic kiln is well received and trusted by customers.


The artisans of our ceramic workshop are all highly skilled, dedicated and dedicated to their craft. Therefore, the design and quality of products are increasingly improved, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Along with that, we opened a showroom in Hanoi so that customers in the capital can come and see in person the products produced by our ceramic workshop. For customers far away, we deliver goods to customers’ homes quickly and safely. Thanks to that, the products produced by our factory are present in many provinces and cities across the country, serving a large number of customers.

Why do customers from near and far accompany and stick with the products of our ceramic workshop? This is because we follow the following 3 principles.

1. Good product quality: We always believe that only good product quality can create a place in the hearts of customers.

2. Diverse designs, from ancient to modern, keeping up with trends in the market

3. Most reasonable, most competitive prices on the market

We always adhere to these 3 principles, so when customers come to us, they are always satisfied with product quality, design and price. In addition, our sales team is always enthusiastic and cheerful, ready to answer all customers’ questions 24/7.

The trust and support of our customers over the past 20 years is a great source of encouragement for our artisans to try harder and harder to bring customers increasingly better products. better quality . THANK YOU SO MUCH CUSTOMERS!

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