Investment cooperation with Bat Trang Porcelain

With the desire to bring Bat Trang ceramic products to consumers in the fastest, most standard way, in the shortest time. We look forward to collaborating with stores that wish to add ceramic products to their stores. This is a form of collaboration that helps both sides benefit in business

For collaborator form

Currently, we have a sales and marketing policy on channels: Tiktok, Shopee, Lazada. You can access the links below to participate in selling with

For agency form

Benefits for both parties:

  • The store doesn’t need to look for customers, we will advertise and customers will come to the store
  • We will provide the store with product images, as well as product consulting instructions
  • No need to import a lot of inventory, we will deliver goods within 2-3 days
  • The sale of ceramics does not affect the store’s products, because the products do not require high preservation
  • The store’s address and phone number will be displayed on our store system
  • We also commit that the store location is unique in one province for provinces that are not large cities
  • For large cities and provinces, if store sales are good, we will also sign a commitment to avoid overlapping stores.
  • In terms of price, we will discount the maximum level so that the store has high profits

About importing goods:

  • For sample orders, a deposit will cost from (30-70% depending on the sample product)
  • Delivery time to the store is 2-3 days
  • During the selling process, if the store has difficulty selling the product, we can support selling sample products
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