Genuine Bat Trang ceramics, beautifully decorated, high quality —

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Ceramic products


Chứng thư giám định vệ sinh an toàn bộ bát đĩa men tuyết của thương hiệu Sứ Bát Tràng
Chứng thư giám định vệ sinh an toàn bộ bát đĩa men lam của thương hiệu Sứ Bát Tràng
Chứng thư giám định vệ sinh an toàn bộ bát đĩa men kem của thương hiệu Sứ Bát Tràng

Introducing High-Quality Bat Trang Ceramics – The Essence of Vietnamese Ceramics

Inheriting the long tradition of ceramic production of Bat Trang traditional craft village. Over 30 years, the ceramic factory has become one of the largest and most prestigious Bat Trang ceramic factories in Bat Trang and is a ceramic distribution facility for many dealers across the country. Currently, we have 3 factories producing high-end ceramic household items, more than 80 employees, including 20 highly skilled workers, 4 gas furnaces with a weekly capacity of thousands of products. Along with that are 2 large showrooms and 3 branches in 3 major provinces and cities: Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh…

Stages and processes of producing Bat Trang ceramics

Step 1: Select, process and prepare soil. The clay selected must be white in color, highly flexible, difficult to dissolve in water, and the grains must be fine to ensure high quality ceramic products.

Step 2: Shape ceramic products In this shaping stage, the potter uses the “hand stroking, clacking” style on the wheel.

Step 3: Dry the product Dry the product to dry, do not chip, do not change the shape of the product

Step 4: Decorate patterns on the product

Step 5: Glaze ceramic products

Step 6: Burn ceramic products

Các công đoạn, quy trình sản xuất gốm sứ Bát Tràng

Ceramic bone (clay) and mineral content in ceramics

Ceramic bone is the clay core of ceramic products. Ceramic bones must be shaped and must not crack. There are many types of clay: white clay (best), colored clay (yellow, red…),… Each different type of clay will have different amounts of minerals that determine the properties of the clay. ceramic created

To create the most perfect ceramic bone, the artisan must carry out all the main steps: choose the source of Dong Trieu white clay and refined Red River alluvial water; Treat and prepare soil according to formulas and techniques appropriate to the firing temperature; shape; Drying and repairing rustic ceramic bones.

Xương gốm (đất sét) và hàm lượng khoáng vật trong đồ gốm

Methods of shaping ceramics

Phương pháp tạo hình bằng tay cho đồ gốm sứ Bát Tràng

Manual shaping method

This is the earliest shaping method. Pottery can be hand-shaped from clay rolls combined with flat clay plates, or molded from solid lumps of clay.

Phương pháp bàn xoay gốm cho đồ gốm sứ Bát Tràng

Ceramic wheel method

Ceramic spinning is a form of shaping on a rotating table from soil and water with 3 basic movements: rotating, pressing, and stroking. This technique is often used for large-sized products such as vases, jars, vases, etc. It can also be turned into bowls, plates, etc.

Phương pháp đúc phun cho đồ gốm sứ Bát Tràng

Injection molding method

This is a shaping process adapted for the ceramic industry, which mass produces products with complex shapes. This technique is not as widely used as other shaping methods.

Bát ăn cơm men kem vẽ hoa đào hồng

Forms of ceramic decoration and glazing

Drawing technique: Bat Trang ceramic artists must be highly skilled, and the patterns must be in harmony with the ceramic shape. This form of decorative motifs has raised pottery to the level of art, each piece is a work of art.

Glazing: The most common form of ceramic decoration, it protects the ceramic by making it harder and keeping liquids from penetrating the ceramic. Enamel can be transparent, especially on motifs, or colored and opaque.

Carving: Ceramic vessels can be decorated by shallow carving on the clay bones. This form is usually made with a knife or similar tool used on a turntable. This was common in classical period Chinese porcelain.

Lithography: also known as lithography, lithography is a method of printing on smooth surfaces.

Gold painting: Gold painting decoration is used on some high quality ceramics.