sứ là vật liệu quen thuộc để sản xuất bát đĩa

Why are dishes often made of porcelain and a collection of high-quality porcelain dishes?

Nowadays, as you can see, most dishes are made of porcelain. So why are dishes often made of porcelain? Let’s find out with Bat Trang Porcelain through this article.

Why are dishes often made of porcelain?

The reason pots and pans are usually made of metal and dishes are made of porcelain is because of their thermal conductivity. These two materials have different thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of metal is quite good and pots and pans are often cooking utensils that come into direct contact with fire. If you use insulation, pots and pans often cannot cook food.

Sứ là vật liệu dẫn nhiệt kém, vì thế khi ta cầm bát đĩa chứa đồ ăn nóng trực tiếp bằng tay sẽ không bị bỏng.
Why are dishes often made of porcelain? Porcelain is a poor heat conductor so when you hold hot food you won’t get burned.

In contrast, dishware products use containers for cooked food. You can hold it directly with your hand. Porcelain is a poor heat conductor, so when held by hand, there is no need to worry about burns. Furthermore, porcelain is a good insulator. That way your food will always be hot.

The next reason is about the melting temperature of the metal. Pots and pans are often in direct contact with fire and high temperatures to cook, so not all metal products can be used to make pots and pans.

Plus, metal and ceramic are easy to clean and sanitize. Porcelain dishes always have a layer of enamel. This enamel layer is quite slippery and does not adhere to grease. So you can easily clean it.

Another equally important reason is the health factor for users. Although there are many types of materials that have the ability to insulate heat such as: Styrofoam, insulating cotton,… or good thermal conductivity such as lead, magnesium,… but for health reasons they are never used to produce pots and pans. or dishes.

Vật liệu khác sử dụng để sản xuất bát đĩa ngoài gốm sứ?

What other materials are used to produce dishes besides ceramics?

sứ là vật liệu quen thuộc để sản xuất bát đĩa
Porcelain is a familiar material for producing dishes
  • Glass: With an average production cost and many designs, glass is trusted by many housewives. Presenting the dish on a glass plate is also very beautiful and elegant.
  • Wood: A bowl or plate made of wood will be very eye-catching with its striking wood grain. However, you need to choose good wood for health safety when used as well as long life.
  • Barley: I actually just came into contact with dishes made from barley not long ago. A very new product on the market. It is advertised as absolutely safe. But as far as I know, the information “absolutely safe” is not accurate. I will analyze it in detail in the next article.

There are many other types of materials to make dishes such as coconut wood, iron, plastic… Depending on each person’s aesthetic preferences, you can choose. However, you need to carefully read the product information to avoid damaging your health when used.

Because these tools come into direct contact with your food. If they are not safe, you may be poisoned or harm your body or affect the taste of the food. Therefore, grandmothers need to pay attention to protect their family’s health.

Collection of porcelain bowls and dishes at Bat Trang Porcelain

Below will be a collection of beautiful and luxurious porcelain bowls and dishes at Bat Trang Porcelain

tại sao bát đĩa thường làm bằng sứ
The polka dot patterned dinnerware set is simple but extremely luxurious
Họa tiết bồ công anh đầy lãng mạn và nhẹ nhàng
Dandelion motifs are romantic and gentle
Họa tiết hoa đào đỏ rực rỡ sắc màu
Colorful red peach blossom motif
tại sao bát đĩa thường làm bằng sứ
Blue lotus flowers are luxurious and help make meals more delicious

Recently, we shared about why dishes are often made of porcelain and a collection of porcelain dish models from Bat Trang Porcelain. We hope that these shares have brought you useful knowledge.

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