vị trí đặt đèn dầu trên bàn thờ

The position of the oil lamp on the altar and its meaning in spiritual culture

Oil lamps are items often found on ancestral altars. It has extremely profound cultural and spiritual meaning. So, what is the position for the oil lamp on the altar and should it be replaced or not? Let’s find out right away through this article.

The meaning of oil lamps in spiritual culture

The custom of worshiping grandparents has long become a cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people. Besides other items, oil lamps are an indispensable item. It has both a spiritual meaning and a hidden feng shui meaning. Therefore, it is prioritized to be placed on the ancestral altar or family altar to keep the fire alive.

vị trí đặt đèn dầu trên bàn thờ
Oil lamps not only have spiritual meaning but also contain feng shui meaning

In Vietnamese beliefs, fire has the meaning of bridging the two worlds, yin and yang. When the incense stick is lit, it becomes an invisible bridge connecting generations of descendants with the deceased.

In feng shui, oil lamps are a way to protect and prevent negative energy from entering and chase away evil spirits. It helps the deceased to be worshiped as an ancestor or god without being disturbed or hindered. It helps the homeowner receive support from his father and make his business more prosperous.

In particular, worshiping oil lamps represent the Fire element. According to the five elements, the altar needs to have 5 elements: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. Therefore, having an oil lamp will help balance the five elements and help the owner receive happiness and peace.

Location for oil lamps on the altar

According to the Vietnamese concept as shared, fire is a bridge between the world of the living and the dead. This is reflected in the fact that there is always an oil lamp on the altar. On death anniversaries and New Year days, there cannot be fire and incense on the altar. Only when oil lamps have fire, incense is burned and Vietnamese people pray can they demonstrate the children’s trust and respect, inviting their grandparents to the sacred realm.

Vị trí để đặt đèn dầu trên bàn thờ đó là nằm cân xứng hai bên so với bát hương gia tiên
The position of the oil lamp on the altar is symmetrical on both sides of the incense bowl

In terms of feng shui, we will see that the altar must fully converge the presence of the five elements. Only then can balance be achieved. Besides the incense sticks lit on the altar, oil lamps are the fire element. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the correct traditional culture.

The position for the oil lamp on the altar is symmetrical on both sides of the ancestral incense bowl. This is both convenient for the homeowner to perform worship rituals and also true to traditional culture.

Location of oil lamp on altar and method of choosing oil lamp according to feng shui

Today, there are many places on the market that produce oil lamp products. With diverse designs and styles, different colors and sizes. So consumers have more choices.

Most popular oil lamp models today are made of copper. This material is considered a combination of the five elements along with heaven and earth. Bronze lamps bring wealth, prosperity and luck. Besides, copper is also a material that helps improve longevity. Oil lamps last longer and help users save much more.

Should oil lamps be replaced with electric lamps when worshiping?

Whether or not to replace oil lamps with electric lamps will depend greatly on factors of taste and faith. Each type of lamp has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Mỗi một loại đèn đều có ưu điểm và nhược điểm riêng.
Each type of lamp has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It can be called an oil lamp as the light of continuity. This will be the continuation of the past to the present of the nation’s best values ​​and customs. If you value traditional or spiritual values, oil lamps are an extremely suitable choice.

If you are a modern person and want to limit the risk of fire and explosion, electric lights will be the optimal solution. Because in the end, regardless of the light, a respectful heart is still the thing that you need to prioritize and care about the most.

Just now we shared about the location of oil lamps on the altar. Hopefully this will be a useful share for you!

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